Small Business Web Design + Development

No page builders or WordPress - We offer 100% hand-coded websites with superior results starting at $150/mo.

$0 Down, $150 Per Month, 12 Month Minimum Contract

Embark on your digital journey with our custom-crafted website design services tailored for small businesses - all with ZERO down payment. Starting at just $150 per month, we provide a comprehensive solution for your web needs. This includes a 5-page standard website uniquely built to reflect your business's unique style, values, and mission.

Have bigger ideas? We offer flexible customization options to match your ambitions. Pricing will be personalized based on the scale of your project - including additional pages, intricate design requirements, and complexity of functionalities.

With us, you have full ownership and control over your domain, content, listings, and profiles. You are at the helm of your digital identity, and we're here to guide you towards your vision.

  • Hosting Fees Included

    We simplify your financials by including hosting fees in your monthly payment. No hidden charges, no separate billing.

  • Unlimited Edits

    Your website, your rules. Request changes anytime. We'll get them done as quickly as possible, always keeping you updated.

  • Real Human Support

    Enjoy the peace of mind of having dedicated support. Reach out directly to our team for attentive, personalized assistance.

  • Web Design & Development

    Get a polished, professional website. We invest over 40 hours in design, development, and testing to ensure your site is top-notch.

  • 100 Google Speed Rank

    Benefit from a fast, efficient website. We strive for a near-perfect Google Page Speed score to enhance your user experience and search engine ranking.

  • Google Analytics

    Stay informed with Google Analytics at no extra cost to you. Understand your website traffic and learn where your visitors are coming from.

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About Me

Max Jacobson

Hi there! I'm Max. When I'm not busy being a super-dad, I'm a seasoned software engineer with a real passion for what I do. I started this business to strike a balance between providing for my family and being there for my kids.

Over the years, I've racked up nearly a decade's worth of experience in the tech industry, where I've learned the ins and outs of building engaging, successful websites. This isn't just a job for me – it's something I truly enjoy, and I believe that shows in the quality of my work.

I've created hundreds of websites, each time honing my skills and refining my approach. I've learned that there's both an art and a science to what I do. It's not just about making a website that looks good – it's about creating something that's easy to use and achieves your business goals.

My work is all about ensuring that every website I build isn't just good, but great. So, if you're looking for a dedicated, experienced software engineer who cares about making your website the best it can be, then you're in the right place!

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Take the first step towards an improved online presence for your business today. With years of experience and hundreds of successful websites under our belt, we have the knowledge and skills to help you achieve your goals. Whether you need a brand new website or a revamp of your current one, we're ready to get started on your project. Don't wait - contact us today!

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